Kimi Labonté

Fashion Stylist


Founded in 2010, Kimi Labonté, Stylist, has advised many clients to help them improve their image and style. This styling business is intended for professionals and business people. Kimi Labonté sets herself apart by creating a clothing signature adapted to the profile and professional world of her clients. Her role as a stylist is to guide you and advise you in your approach to fashion.


Are you frustrated by your wardrobe ?

Do you have a style that suits you ?

Does shopping exasperate you ?

Do you find it difficult to find clothes that fit your silhouette and age ?

Does your style require an update ?

Would you like to maximize your time by having an organized wardrobe ?

Style & Image

Kimi Labonté’s mission is to help you ascertain your clothing style or to fine-tune it. Each person is unique and his or her fashion style must reflect it.

Your style is your trademark, your signature; it epitomizes you.